If you're here, you probably read the Dovecot guide, and you're either here to tell me I made a mistake, or you want to ask me a question.

If it's to tell me about a mistake, please skip directly to the form. :) If you're here to ask for help, I'm flattered, but you can surely understand that I can't necessarily answer everything, for two reasons.

The first is limited time. Obviously I do have a day job, and though I like helping people out when I can, there's only so much time in the day.

The second is limited knowledge. I learned a fair bit about setting up Dovecot by doing it myself, but I am by no means a top-to-bottom Dovecot expert. It's probably easier to stump me than you think.

So I do strongly recommend that you spend some quality time googling and searching the Debian or Ubuntu forums to try to find the answer yourself; not that I'm trying to avoid your question, but it's probably faster.

If you still want to send me a message, here's the form, you know what to do. :)